ABERCONWY’S parliamentary candidates went head-to-head at a debate in Llandudno.

The candidates for the Liberal Democrat Party, Conservative Party, UKIP, Plaid Cymru and Labour Party attended the debate on Tuesday, April 28, which was led by Rev. Mike Harrison of Llandudno Cytun at St John's Methodist Church and consisted of ten questions submitted by constituents in advance.

Among the topics were food banks, the EU, cuts to legal aid, mental health services, foreign aid and how the parties would help the poor.

On leaving the EU, UKIP candidate Andrew Haigh said: “renegotiation is a waste of time - this is a bit of a sham, an offer of a referendum,” while Liberal Democrat candidate Victor Babu said: “A lot of our jobs depend on being in the European Union - we are stronger united.”

When the discussion turned to cuts to legal aid, Labour candidate Mary Wimbury said “Justice for every citizen, whatever their means, should be a bedrock of our society,” while Plaid Cymru candidate Dafydd Meurig said: “We need to look at the very high salaries of barristers and lawyers and how we look at the administration to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the system.”

In his closing statement, Conservative candidate Guto Bebb appealed to Aberconwy constituents to support him on May 7, stating that he doesn’t accept there is no possibility of a party taking a majority, and said: “We're moving in the right direction but we need to make sure we don't lose momentum.”

Green party candidate Petra Haig did not attend the debate.

The candidates for Aberconwy are: Victor Babu - Liberal Democrat, Guto Bebb - Conservative, Petra Haig - Green Party, Andrew Haigh - UKIP, Dafydd Meurig - Plaid Cymru, Mary Wimbury - Labour.

For a complete report of the questions and each candidate’s answers, see the North Wales Pioneer's live blog here.