VOTING is well under way in the most uncertain General Election for decades, with a final batch of opinion polls showing the two main parties still neck-and-neck.

Ipsos MORI in the Evening Standard puts the Conservatives on 36per cent and Labour on 35, while the Ashcroft National Poll has the two parties tied on 33 per cent.

With all the indications that the country is heading for another hung parliament, it is still unclear where the balance of power will lie after voting closes at 10pm.

Both the latest opinion polls have Ukip on 11 per cent, with Ipsos MORI putting the Liberal Democrats on eight while the Ashcroft National Poll has them on 10 per cent.

All polling stations in the Clwyd West and Aberconwy constituencies are reporting a steady stream of voters throughout the day, and will all close at 10pm this evening.

Conservative candidate David Jones, said: “I started off in Rhos on Sea around 7am and have been all across the constituency, and the reaction I received has been positive.

“There has been a good turnout all round and I have received many well-wishes from people, so hopefully this will all count when the votes are counted up at the end of the day."

Opinion remains divided among constituents as to who who gain places in power when the results are announced sometime in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Voter John Coggins, 67, said: "I think the tories will get in again with the Liberal Democrats.

"Locally - I think Plaid."

Another voter, Sian McGregor, aged 30, said she thinks the Conservatives will win but there is a strong Labour influence in Llandudno for the Aberconwy seat, which Labour has earmarked as a priority.

Aberconwy Labour candidate Mary Wimbury said: "Turnout has been good, I'm feeling it's doable but it's up to the people to decide."

Those standing in Clwyd West are: David Jones (Conservative), Gareth Thomas (Labour), Sarah Leister-Burgess (Lib Dem, Marc Jones (Plaid Cymru), Warwick Nicholson (UKIP), Bob English (Socialist Labour), Rory Jepson (Above and Beyond).

Those standing in Aberconwy: Guto Bebb (Conservative), Mary Wimbury (Labour), Victor Babu (Lib Dem), Dafydd Meurig (Plaid Cymru), Andrew Haigh (UKIP), Petra Haig (Green).