A WOMAN who has overcome a battle with cancer celebrated by travelling the world then returning home and passing her Hackney Carriage licence with flying colours.

Zoe Temple, 25, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in December 2015 following which she underwent treatment including a CT scan, ultrasounds and a cystoscopy before being told in May this year it had been successfully removed.

During the interval after leaving her job as volunteer coordinator and beach school leader with children’s play charity RAY Ceredigion, Ms Temple solo-travelled to Mexico where she lived on a desert island studying Gray Whales, as well as travelling to Spain, Greece, Amsterdam and Bulgaria with friends.

She then went on to join Alliance Taxis in July this year, gained a perfect score in her Hackney Carriage test with Conwy County Council and hopes to continue travelling, as well as realising her long-term goal of opening an ecotourism and education centre where people can enjoy the scenery of North Wales while learning about conservation.

Miss Temple, who grew up in Rhos on Sea, said: “As anyone being told they don’t have cancer any more, of course it is a moment of massive relief at the hospital and I am extremely happy to not have cancer.

“But the fact is once you’ve had it, it never really goes away - for the rest of your life you will not forget the initial words of the consultant, or the likelihood of it coming back, or every time you have a slight twinge in your body your first thought being of cancer before rationalising with yourself.

“I would like to tell people not to be afraid. Talk about cancer, tell people about cancer – I found out about mine while on my own and it was the biggest shock of my life. I found my help in the kindness of strangers on the MacMillan website and I will remain a community member so that I can hopefully help others.

“The taxi work enabled me to travel during the off-peak months and work during the summer. I never imagined I would be a taxi driver, my passion lies in conservation and nature however, I wouldn’t ever sign on benefits unless I had no other choice and actually it is a great job for flexibility and meeting people. I enjoy breaking the stigma for female drivers - particularly of my age.”

To find out more about Miss Temple’s travels you can visit her blog at www.DewdropsAndDragonflies.com