PUPILS were treated to a medieval feast of entertainment last week.

Ysgol San Siôr in Llandudno invited Roman Tours from Chester down to the school on Friday for a Roman themed day to surprise the pupils.

Every aspect of the Roman life was taught to the Llandudno school children in an engaging and fun way and finished with a march around the school using the iconic shields.

The pupils were told what it was like to be a Roman 2,000 years ago and how Roman’s used to clean themselves using a strigil, use a cold bath in a frigidarium and eat doormice for breakfast.

A spokesperson for Ysgol San Siôr said: “This was a surprise for the children. They had been so engaged by the Roman theme before Christmas we booked Roman Tours.

“Education should be fun and inspiring. We now have some historians in the making.”

Roman Tours tweeted after the event: “Thank you to the amazing Ysgol San Sior Llandudno for a super day with great students a credit to their school.”