THE future of Conwy Food Bank is in the balance.

The funding used to cover salaries and project costs for the organisation comes to an end in July and hosts of the food bank, ARC Communities Ltd said it would be “very difficult” to run without current food bank manager and co-ordinator, Antony Bennion.

Drop in co-ordinator for ARC Communities Ltd, Cherie Bailey, who oversees Conwy Food Bank, said: “We need a co-ordinator or the food bank will be very, very difficult to run.

“We would be relying on volunteers who can only offer a certain amount of time.

“We need to generate approximately £1,200 per month.”

The project, which was initially set up as Conwy Food Share in January 2011, has been managed by Mr Bennion for the past two years.

Mr Bennion said: “I love my job. I’m a mechanic by trade and I like this job more than being able to fix cars.

“To not be able to give back to the community, to not help people, I would be absolutely devastated.”

Last month, Conwy Food Bank helped feed 30 families, 39 single people, seven couples and 58 children.

A recent Facebook appeal by the organisation, which has 13 volunteers, for food parcels was due to a “high level of demand.”

Although the post has attracted 117 shares and donations have increased, stock levels are still low.

Mr Bennion, 33 said: “The appeal on Facebook has helped donations pick up a little but we still need many things such as cereal, biscuits ,coffee, sugar, cold tinned meat and treats.”

Mr Bennion, who has two children, believes the increased demand has come from a change in people’s benefits.

“I think it’s down to sanctions and changes in benefits that take so long to resolve.” he said.

Food can be taken to several drop off locations which can be found by visiting /drop-off-locations/ and to donate towards running costs visit or call 01492 535626