History was created when residents buried three generations of memories and mementos including a copy of the North Wales Pioneer in a time capsule at a new community garden.

Llandudno’s Mayor Francis Davis and his wife, Sonia, cut the ribbon to officially open the garden, for residents of Cysgod y Gogarth in Trinity Avenue, Llandudno.

Cysgod y Gogarth was built in 2015 by housing association Cartrefi Conwy as one of its flagship developments of over 60s apartments.

Cartrefi Conwy older persons co-ordinator, Nerys Veldhuizen was one of the ‘three generations’ whose contributions to the time capsule made up nearly 100 years of memories.

She explained how Cysgod y Gogarth’s oldest resident, Alf Davies, 97, had included a letter detailing anecdotes of his life in Llandudno.

At the other end of the generations scale was a contribution from fellow resident Kath Gardiner, who proudly put a photograph of her eight month old grandson, Robin, into the time capsule.

The idea is that the time capsule will be unearthed and re-opened in 50 years time and all the enclosed memories rekindled.

Other additions to the capsule included a copy of The Times, a mobile phone, a new £1 coin, an old penny, a first aid kit and a storyboard made up of original samples of the Cysgod y Gogarth interior decor were also included.

The garden was designed by Cartrefi Conwy environmental development officer Matt Stowe, with the help of all the Cysgod y Gogarth residents, who were praised by Cartrefi Conwy managing director Gwynne Jones for having done ‘a fantastic job’.