Concerns are growing for pedestrian safety as cars continue to park on a prohibited Colwyn Bay road.

Station Road, in the centre of town, has seen a rise in the number of cars being parked along it despite restrictions only allowing disabled drivers to park for up to three hours and delivery drivers to unload and reload their vehicles.

The street has been pedestrianised for more than 20 years.

Brenda Guinn, chair of Bay Gallery on Station Road, said:

“Cars park every day, all day, causing disruption and endangering the public who don't expect cars to be coming down the road. I have never seen anyone checking on them

“This has been going on for a couple of months now and it’s got worse and worse.

“A visitor to the gallery recently asked me ‘when did Station Road become a car park?’

“It is dangerous and I feel an accident is waiting to happen. it’s going to get worse with the school holidays starting soon.

“I have phoned the council and they keep assuring me something will be done but nothing has been yet. Either open the road up or keep it pedestrianised.”

Cllr Chris Hughes, who has been consulting residents, business owners and shop volunteers about the problem, said the area needs to be made safer for pedestrians.

“The parking on Station Road is becoming quite a problem,” he said.

”Many disabled people aren’t able to park there and because of the close proximity some cars are parking to the buildings, people with wheelchairs and prams are unable to access the shops.

“I would be interested to see where the car drivers are actually shopping.

“I have been writing to council officers. It was raised during the election campaign and following it too. It’s not safe.

“More people would visit the area but only if it is safer and more accessible.”

A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council said: “There is a prohibition of driving on Station Road that only allows disabled drivers or delivery vehicles to enter the road.

“This restriction can only be enforced by the police as it is a moving traffic offence.

“In addition to the prohibition of driving, parking is prohibited at all times, except for disabled drivers, who are able to park for up to 3 hours, and delivery vehicles that are permitted to stop to load and unload.

“Our Parking Services Team are aware of the problem and will take some specific enforcement action.”