READERS have come out in force with suggestions to improve safety for shoppers on a pedestrianised street.

Concerns were raised in a Pioneer story last week about the increase in cars parking in the pedestrian zone on Station Road in Colwyn Bay.

Many readers used Facebook to tell us they were in favour of reinstalling the road and introducing short-stay car parking.

They were also in favour of building pavements down the road to make it safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

Wende Arundale said: “Have the road remain a vehicular road with those lovely wide pavements, a one-way traffic flow system and a 30-minute short-stay parking time.

“Then our main street would still be a vibrant town centre, safe for everyone.

“It’s time to put it back as it was. I counted 20 cars parked on Monday and the traffic warden was busy issuing tickets on Ivy Street!”

Deborah Edwards said: “Let the cars park there. Reinstall the road and put back the pavements for the pedestrians. The shops need the trade.”

Philip Andrews posted: “21 cars down there one day last week.

What is the point in having a bollard entry system when it doesn’t work? Accident waiting to happen, especially when the kids are off school after this week.”

Michael Hookem said: “One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet but it also becoming increasingly common is motorists ignoring the ‘no entry’ signs at the bottom of Station Road and driving the wrong way up the one way system. So not only do you now have to keep a look out for traffic driving through the pedestrianised zone, you also have to look out for traffic driving the wrong way through the pedestrianised zone.”

Janet Mellor said: ” I have felt for a long time that Station Road should not be pedestrianised at all.

“My suggestion is that it be one way – down from Conwy Road to Princess Drive; with spaces providing parking for anyone for for say, one to two hours.

“It would help to generate customers, who would be able to purchase small items and move on. A win-win situation.

“Traffic would be able to drive up Penrhyn Road and down Station Road keeping traffic free flowing.

“So many businesses have closed down because all the cars (mostly) park in The Bay Centre and often do not leave the centre!.

“The market would have plenty of room from the bottom of Station Road around the pedestrian way up to rejoining the road. Plenty of space for the stalls.”