Children got to enjoy the great outdoors and build woodland dens helped by a real-life explorer.

Conwy County Borough Council set up the initiative featuring Ash Dykes to encourage children and parents to learn together as it’s proven to improve children’s performance at school.

The children built outdoor dens at Bodlondeb Woods, and the winners of the “Big Family Adventure" poster competition were presented with prizes donated by local businesses and framed posters of their artwork.

Mr Dykes, took part in den building with children and helped with the creation of a short film, produced and directed by local company White Wabbit Studio.

The film ‘Ash Dykes Big Family Adventure’ features local parents and children and is aimed at getting children to have fun outdoors whilst encouraging learning with their parents, guardians, or relatives.

He said: “I was approached to help to promote outdoor education among children and their families and relatives. I have always learnt by hands-on, experience and many children not only learn this way too but enjoy and absorb it more.”

Cllr Gareth Jones, Leader said: “This is a very positive initiative which will have advantages throughout Conwy. Improving Conwy is always a priority at the forefront of our minds.

“A big thank you to all involved for their hard work, commitment, and positive outcomes..”

The initiative was put together by an ‘Improving Conwy’ working group consisting of council staff, head teachers, parents, pupils, and councillors.

The initiative also promotes a home/school based IT project called ‘Headsprout’. ‘Headsprout’ aims to improve reading and spelling standards for primary pupils. It encourages parents to participate in learning with their children and is available online and in 26 Conwy schools.

The Regional School Effectiveness and Improvement Service for North Wales (GwE) and Bangor University have delivered the Headsprout project in collaboration with Conwy County Borough Council.