A puppet theatre in Rhos-on-Sea suffered 80 per cent fire damage to the inside of its building last week.

North Wales Fire and Rescue service received a call to attend the scene at 11.56pm on Tuesday, August 1.

They arrived shortly after at 12.10am to discover that 20% fire damage had been done to the door and its surrounding area and 80% to the inside of the theatre.

Two breathing apparatus were used by the fire crew and the damage is believed to have been caused by secondary rubbish fire.

Chris Somerville also known as. Mr Bimbamboozle, who runs The Harlequin Puppet Theatre posted a statement on their official website that read: "I am very sorry but there will be no shows at the puppet theatre in the immediate future.

”We have had a fire here and the auditorium suffered fire and smoke damage.

”At the moment it may be possible to open for the last week of August, but more realistically I suspect we will next open for the October half term. So very sorry to disappoint you.”

Chris also explained that a re-opening date would be announced on www.puppetshow.info over the next few weeks.

The case has now been passed on to North Wales Police for further investigation.