From Happy Valley care home to Alice in Wonderland story books, Llandudno’s history was on display at the North Wales Doll House and Miniaturist Exhibition.

Club members treated residents and visitors to a unique experience at Holy Trinity Church earlier this month with displays all made by their own hands from dolls clothes to tiny plates of food, pieces of furniture and even intricately painted flowers.

80-year-old Joan Critchett of Colwyn Bay has been a member of the club for six years. She got involved after seeing one of their displays at the town’s extravaganza.

Mrs Critchett said: “When I saw it my husband said ‘that would be ideal for you’. I’ve always been a fan of miniatures and everything was so small it was lovely. The cottage was a nice one to do, mine is a gamekeepers cottage.

Asking where the inspiration came from for the miniatures she said: “You just use your own imagination. Lots of us made the cottages but everyone made something different so it’s just your imagination and then you put the story that you’ve got into it and it’s in the detail.”

”Each month a member will show us a project so we learn how to do things and you just develop the skill yourself.”

Lorraine Taylor had four pieces on display in the exhibition. She started as a complete novice three years ago and has learnt skills as she has gone along including how to wire houses with electricity.

She said: “I love anything small and I’ve collected stuff for years. I saw the advert in the Pioneer about three years ago. I just love it, it’s such a lovely and relaxing but very expensive hobby!

”When you’ve got an exhibition, it’s a lot of work but that’s what the fun is all about! It’s about letting people see what we do. We’ve all got our own different talents.

“It’s the opportunity to get new members and hopefully go from strength to strength.”

June Phipps of Llandudno leads the workshops at the club each month. She has been learning the trade for 17 years and teaches fellow members the art of making miniature.

What we try get as many techniques in as possible. We start off with basics such as woodwork and then try and teach maybe clay work to do the exterior and painting. Then we go onto the interior. They have to learn electrics – you can’t get a shock, it’s only 12 volt lighting!

“Whatever you have in your home you can learn to do in miniature. We like to make things rather than buy things.

“You need patience to do this. You get so absorbed you get no housework done. My husband knows now that once I start on a project meals go out the door.

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month at Craig-y-Don Community Centre from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.