Llanddulas beach car park is in danger of becoming a sex hotspot much to the annoyance of residents, and visitors, causing a local councillor to call for police to take action.

Cllr Keith Eeles said: “I have had many complaints from local residents, walkers, cyclists and families with their children, about sexual goings on at the beach. They have come across people conducting sexual acts in cars and in the toilets.”

He added: “In fact it is in danger of becoming a sex hot spot.

“So I’ve taken it up with the North Wales Police and have asked them to provide a presence and, at the very least move the cars on.

”So far they have been quite active and have had constables and support officers going there from time to time.

“I understand they have followed up the calls from me and from residents on this.

“They have said they will follow up specific complaints and are taking the registration numbers of cars. I don’t know if anyone has been charged with an offence.

“There have been complaints about people committing these acts as early as 4pm when it is still light, and even first thing in the morning, it isn’t confined to the hours of darkness.

“The beach is well frequented by dog walkers, families, cyclists and others, and this is stopping people enjoying the beach.

“This is a small minority of people spoiling things for the majority.”

Darren Millar, AM for Clwyd West, said: “It's not fair to residents to allow this issue to go unchecked; it's making their lives a misery and makes the area unattractive for locals and visitors alike.

“The law should be equally enforced by the police at this location, as it is elsewhere.

“We need swift action to address this issue."

Inspector Kelly Isaacs of North Wales Police said: “ We are aware of these issues in Llanddulas and we are patrolling the area.

“Sexual activity openly taking place is an offence and positive action will be taken if offences are identified.”