Local 15-year-old Jack Leach proved himself a hero as he saved a child and a man off of Colwyn Bay beach last Thursday.

The Porth Eirias volunteer was working a shift at the watersport centre last Thursday when he was called out to an incident where two people had fallen into the water out from shore.

Jack told the North Wales Pioneer he was going about his daily duties when his manager came to him with news from the public that there were people in the water.

He said: “They were saying an inflatable boat had flipped and there was a child in the water.

“There was still a power boat in the water and while my boss called the coast guard to send someone down I sprinted down the beach and into the boat and headed out to near the old pier to try and save them.”

When Jack arrived at the scene he found the child face down in the water and the man struggling.

So he pulled them both out of the water asked if they were alright before radioing ahead to the beach to tell the other staff at Porth Eirias to have a first aid kit and towels ready for when he got in.

Jack said: “It was really scary, I thought the kid had drowned.

“He was pale white and at first it looked really bad. But it turned out he was just really cold, thank goodness.

“I’m just glad he’s alright now.”

The Eirias student who hails from Llandudno, has been working as a volunteer for Porth Eirias for a year and a half and said all the safety courses and training he had done through his time at the centre meant he was able to carry out this feat and rescue the young boy and the 46-year-old man.

The Llandudno Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) were called at around 4:10pm and also attended the scene along with the Llandudno Coastguard, CG Helicopter ‘Rescue 136’ and ambulances.

While Leach had picked up the young boy and the man a third person was also reported to have been involved, however elected to swim to shore.

Upon reaching shore he was taken ill and after the lifeboat crew had assured the young boy and man were safely ashore attended the 46-year-old man.

Following treatment by paramedics at the scene the man was airlifted to hospital by the Rescue 136.