A council has been censured for seeming to show ‘a lack of respect for funerals’ because it altered the route they have to take to the crematorium at Mochdre.

Two of its own councillors were vocal in their criticism of the authority’s action.

Increasing traffic on the route to the crematorium has created congestion which is delaying funerals and in some cases forcing them to drive on the pavement. Over a number of years the route, which leads to the crematorium, has become busier as a result of increased use of the nearby council rubbish skip site and the development of a business park.

Local Cllr Adrian Tansley criticised Conwy County Borough Council for discouraging funeral directors from using another route which went through the nearby cemetery, and forcing them to use the current road. He said: “I have never been happy with taking funerals down this road, I have seen them having to mount the pavement because of heavy traffic. I think this is disgusting when you are taking your loved one to the crematorium, it is just wrong.

“The council altered the route some time ago, and I think it was wrong. The old route was the best, it went through the cemetery, but the council discouraged funeral directors from using this route.”

His opinion was echoed by another Cllr, Roger Parry who said: “There does seem to be a lack of respect by the council. It should have taken this into account before it took this action.”

Mr Douglas Pond, Managing Director of Colwyn Fireplace Centre, which is sited on Bron y Nant Road said: “Every working day we have congestion on this road with 46 vehicles owned by council employees and others parking along one side, while at the same time the number of funerals appears to have increased.

“Additionally the former Quinton Hazel car parts depot has become an industrial estate, which also generates more traffic.

“I’ve reported the problem to Conwy Borough Council, but the only response I received was that the vehicles are parked in an unrestricted area.”

He added: “There is another aspect to this, should there be an accident on the industrial estate the congestion would make it difficult for the emergency services to get to the scene, and who knows what the consequences of that might be.“

Conwy Borough Council issued a statement: “Bron Y Nant Road: parking is unrestricted along one side of Bron-y-Nant Road. We would like to remind drivers to consider other motorists when parking. Glan y Wern Road: The entrance to the crematorium is at the bottom of Glan y Wern Road. In recent years, Glan y Wern Road has become busier due to new businesses in the area and as a result we are working with funeral directors to reinstate the front entrance on Dinerth Road and revise the routes of travel around the crematorium/cemetery to alleviate the problem.”