He’s only 26 but Ash Dykes has achieved more than most people will in a life time and completed a number of world firsts.

While this is only the beginning for Mr Dykes, who lives in Colwyn Bay, he has already released his first book - Mission: Possible - outlining all his treks and adventures to date.

He told the North Wales Pioneer: “The book is pretty much about the last 10 years and the planning, training and preparation I had to put in and the motivation I had to set off on these adventures.

“I’ve done more than 15 adventures, its scary I’m only 26 and I’m only just getting started.

“I have so many other plans and ideas that I’m sure will give my mum and dad plenty more sleepless nights.

“Its just the beginning and some of the things I have planned ahead are really exciting.”

At the age of 23, Mr Dykes became the first person to walk, solo and unsupported, across Mongolia.

His journey took 78 days and saw him trek over the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the Mongolian Steppe.

A year later, he spent more than five months traversing the length of Madagascar via its eight highest peaks and through the civil unrest that was brewing in the south.

Halfway through the trip he contracted the most deadly strain of malaria but after seeking treatment completed the epic journey and another world first.

Mr Dykes has also completed cycles, treks and other adventures in countries including Australia and Vietnam and across places like the Himalayas.

On the weekend he swapped treacherous terrains for the safety of the Stanford’s Book store, Covent Gardens, London, where he launched his book which will become available to the public on Friday.

He said there was a good turn out and initial reaction to the launch of the novel and was excited about copies becoming available world wide in book stores, kindles and online.

Copies of the book can be ordered online at http://eye-books.com/ and www.amazon.co.uk and you can find out more on Mr Dykes via his website www.ashdykes.com.