A GIANT jellyfish was found last Friday on Colwyn Bay beach.

Patricia Lambert of Mostyn Road, Colwyn Bay said: “I was walking on Colwyn Bay beach last Friday with my husband and we came across a giant jellyfish, it was just there in front of us.

“It was at least two feet across and was obviously curled up, with some of its tentacles hidden but was a lot bigger than we could see.

“There was another, smaller jellyfish nearby.

“I’ve seen jellyfish abroad while on holiday, but nothing quite like this, it was quite beautiful.”

A marine ecologist for Natural Resources Wales, who was commenting after seeing a picture of the jellyfish, said he was fairly sure it’s a from the Rhizostoma family, and more than likely a barrel jellyfish.

He said: “These are fairly common and he and his colleagues are aware of quite a few being washed up in Wales but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for the time of year.”