A picture of proposed new development for Llandudno was featured on a hospice charity Christmas card, which has since been recalled.

A shot of the Pier Pavilion building was included on the Christmas card from Hope House, despite consultation on the proposed £15 million development still being ongoing.

The card was created by Queen Bee Designs, who refused to comment when contacted by the Pioneer.

Simi Epstein, Hope House director of fundraising and marketing, said: “It was a pretty Christmas card and we use them to raise money for terminally ill children.

“We didn’t feel we were best placed to it with the card causing some issue within North Wales so we recalled them.”

Mrs Epstein said she believed the design company had selected the picture because it looked pretty for a Christmas card, but had been unaware the building had not yet been put up.

The charity have since launched a new range of Christmas cards and Mrs Epstein said: “They are going really well.

“We have some great support in the North Wales area.

“We ask people to continue to support the work we do (by purchasing Christmas cards) for terminally ill children.

“From the money we raise we can continue to provide the same levels of support.”