The MV Balmoral was unable to dock in Llandudno due to bad weather conditions at the weekend, leaving passengers angered.

The excursion cruise ship left Liverpool at 9am on Saturday and was due to dock in Llandudno but shipping conditions made it impossible for it to berth at the pier.

These conditions also left some passengers feeling nauseous and in discomfort.

One woman received medical treatment on board and was met by paramedics on arrival back in Liverpool as a precautionary measure.

Janet Small, general manager of operators White Funnel, said: “We realise that passengers suffered some discomfort during Saturday’s sailing which we very much regret.

“The shipping forecast indicated that the sea state would be suitable for sailing, but the conditions proved to be significantly worse than expected.

“The ship was not in danger at any time and the number of passengers aboard, at 390, was far below Balmoral’s certificated maximum of 683.

“We will be contacting passengers next week to express our regret over their spoiled day.”

Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams said: “It’s obviously disappointing when a plan doesn’t come together, but the weather is the weather and there’s not much you can do about it.”