Llandudno was awash with colour and creatures as LLAWN 05 took over the town.

The annual Llandudno event, now in its fifth year, classed as Wales’ largest free arts festival, took place across last weekend.

John Rostron, organiser of LLAWN 05, said: “We wanted to attract people from afar, especially when they’re starting to drift away because of the cold weather. We also wanted people from the area to get involved in the making and creating of the festival, and from that point of view this year was a strong success.”

Visitors were encouraged to explore the town, and enjoyed an eclectic programme of free art interventions - music, comedy, visual art, film, games and dance - across Llandudno in surprising venues.

Visitors could even have their nails painted in the colours of Llandudno.

This year’s theme was based on the Mabinogion quote I See A Creature / Gwelaf Greadur, linking the festival into the Welsh Government’s theme Year of Legends, and saw visitors making their own creatures.

Other creature themed attractions included a giant inflatable tentacled monster breaking out of the Victorian Shopping Precinct, and creature life drawing classes at the disused Tedder House. Another disused building, the Tabernacle, was the venue for TAPE Colwyn Bay’s Seaside Cinema.

The Promenade was the focal point for the event’s attractions, and hosted the costumed Finally Parade with members aged four to 70.

The Royal Cambrian Academy sought to involve younger visitors, and encouraged them to make a multitude of eyes on display at Oriel Gallery Conwy that will be going forward into the Nova Biennial Welsh arts prize.

Mr Rostron,added: “This doesn’t happen anywhere else in Wales, we think it’s special because it’s not replicating anything else out there, even if it is quite a simple idea.”