Greenwoods has been a feature of Mostyn Street in Llandudno for many years but its time may be limited as it was announced the company had entered administration recently.

The closure of the menswear retailer will result in a number of job losses and another empty store in Llandudno which Cllr Ronnie Hughes, from the Tudno ward, said was disappointing.

Cllr Hughes said: “It is disappointing they are going into administration because it means another closed shop. Hopefully someone will take it over.

“There has been a bit of turn around with the amount of shops we have had closing down, there is no continuity.

“We are still having a lot of tourists come into Llandudno and you think the shops would prosper from these tourists coming in.”

Cllr Hughes said it seemed all the older buildings and stores were disappearing being taken over by newer looking brands and businesses.

He said businesses had to move with the times in order to keep up and that some stores need to have a look at themselves.

While Cllr Hughes hoped another store would replace Greenwoods soon, with the structure of the Llandudno’s main shopping street being a piority.

He said: “But we need a good mix, at the moment it is cafe, cafe, cafe and cafe we need to look at the set up of Mostyn Street.”

The Llandudno Greenwood’s store is just one of 63 the company owns.