Petrolheads took over a supermarket’s car park on Sunday evening.

The sound of revving cars and loud bangs from backfiring exhausts can be heard across Llandudno Junction.

The car meet, at Tesco, is a “controlled” event, hosted by Extremebhp And CNW Old School Cruise. It started at 7pm.

A statement on the Extremebhp And CNW Old School Cruise Facebook page reads: “It's been two years since our last one so we thought it was about time we brought them back.

”Please take your litter home and remember it's a static meet so don't be a d***, we have full permission and police will no doubt be in attendance.

”We welcome all car enthusiasts to tag along with us to the event and show off their cars, bikes and maybe even something different?

”Make sure you get those rides extra clean as we will be running two competitions, cleanest car and most unique car judged.”

A Tesco worker – who asked to remain anonymous – added: “It is all fine. The police are aware. I think these events happen once or twice a year.”