A Llanfairfechan woman who fell in love with a dog while on holiday in Spain raised more than £200 to bring it back to the UK. 

Lisa Shepherd, Territory Sales Manager at the North Wales Pioneer, originally left the dog back in Spain but after realising how much she missed her friends convinced her to set up a fund me page to raise the money needed to get it to Wales.

Ms Shepherd said: “I was at a mate’s house and they have a dog that is a splitting image and I realised how sad I felt.

“I told my mate that I’d fallen in love with a dog in Spain, but it would cost around £300 to ship it over, plus other expenses, so the whole thing would cost around £400.

“But I have good close-knit friends in Llanfairfechan and the said I could do crowdfunding with my mates in the town.”

The group ended up raising more than £240 and Cosmos, as he is named, has since made the trip to the UK arriving at 1.30am on Sunday, September 24.

She said: “He is the perfect dog. He is blending into the family really well – I have a 10 year old and he is gold with him. My boyfriend is jealous because he is a real mummy’s boy.”

Ms Shepherd found Cosmos in the NPA dog rescue centre in Nerja, where one of her friends, who she was on holiday to visit volunteered.

One morning Ms Shepherd and her group of friends took a pack of dogs for a walk, a pack Cosmos was a part of.

She added: “After I walked Cosmos I asked if I could take him for a run with me. He was mint on a lead, a bit like a greyhound, and he kept looking at me with his yellow eyes.”

Cosmos has been chipped, checked and vaccinated and was transported to the UK by Paws transport in temperature controlled cages with the dogs let out for walks every few hours.