A £32 million plan to boost defences at Llandudno could see sand return to its main beach.

The new beach management plan (BMP) details plans to remove rocks that currently occupy the resort’s North Shore beach.

Eight options have been outlined for both the North and West Shores, created by Aecom in July for Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC).

The options include installing new groynes at a cost of £17 million, replacing the rocks with sand, costing £13m, the creation of a stub wall along the promenade, costing between £20,000 and £1m, and a £32m plan to construct breakwaters similar to those in place in Rhos-on-Sea.

However, while Llandudno town councillor Ian Turner said it would be great to see sand returned to the North Shore, he was not convinced by the BMP.

He said: “They (CCBC) are just trying to make it look good. Unless they put better structures, like groynes in place to hold the sand, then they’ll have to think again.

“It mentions the cost of £13m to replace shingles with sand and put groynes in place but it will be cheaper for the council to pay tens of thousands of pounds on a management plan rather than spending millions putting right the damage they have done.”

He said whatever decision was made, it needed to put right the damage done by installing all the quarry rocks in 2013-14 following storms in the same year.

Cllr Turner said access to the beach was dangerous, with a number of people left seriously injured venturing on and off the rocks that cover the North Shore beach.

Cllr Turner insisted most of the work had been done and only tweaks were needed.

He said: “Most of the work has already been done. It’s not difficult to put the groynes back in using the technology that is available these days.

“We can then replenish the beach with sand and there are 15 or 18 steps underneath which used to act as a tidal break.

“All you need to do is redo the steps using today’s technology and put in rock armor under the prom, so its all feasible.

“But the council don’t want to do it.”

Options for West Shore are also included in the BMP, including a £2.4m scheme which would see sand traps and a raised walkway introduced with repairs made to the existing wall.

A special scrutiny meeting held last Thursday saw support for the recommendations put forward. Conwy Council's environment, road and facilities department will seek funding from Welsh Government, through its coastal risk management programme, to commission a consultant to produce an outline business case for the options considered within the BMP.

A public drop-in session is to be organised to give residents the opportunity to examine the plans.