An ambulance had to be called after a disabled woman was thrown out of her mobility scooter onto the pavement, as she tried to drive it over a lowered kerb in Llandudno.

Laura Crawford, aged 84, of St Seriol’s Gardens, Llandudno, found difficuty in getting her scooter to mount a lowered section of the kerb in St Mary’s Road.

She said: “I tried to get over a dropped kerb in my wheelchair, the impact broke the front wheel off my wheelchair and threw me onto the pavement. Luckily I wasn’t injured, but it could have been much worse, even so an ambulance was called to take me home.

“The local Access group have been pointing out the problem dropped kerbs being too high, to the council for at least 20 years. As a result  disabled people are still finding themselves in the embarrassing and frightening position I was in last week.”

John Barton, of the Conwy Voluntary Access Group, said: “Lowered kerbs should be within two millimetres of the road, but frequently it is as high as 25 millimetres and is a problem for wheelchair users.

“We’ve told this to council officials at our meetings on numerous occasions, but they say they haven’t any money in the budget for this.”

“In addition the pavements in Llandudno, which is supposed to the be queen of resorts, are in an abysmal condition and need attention.”

A spokesperson for Conwy Council said: “The lady has been in contact with us regarding the incident and we are in touch with her about it.

“Our design standards for the heights of dropped kerbs are six millimetres at crossings for pedestrians and 25 millimetres at property driveways.”