Members of a protest group have renewed pressure on a county council to oppose plans for the planned Conwy Cultural Centre.

The ongoing development of an archive and library on the site of the old Ysgol Bodlondeb infants school has continued to frustrate The Save the Old Bodlondeb School Youth Centre Group.

The group met at the site in response to a recent statement by the Conwy County Borough Council stating that the contract for the construction work is expected to be awarded in December, despite 260 signatures petitioning against the development.

Iwan Davies, chief executive, Conwy County Borough Council, said: “We want to make sure that the county’s historical collections are developed for the benefit of everyone living in, or visiting, Conwy County.”

Organiser Dan Cook, the campaign organiser, hit back: “They say it’s of benefit to everyone in the town, but they won’t allow a public hearing for us to give our opinion even after more than 250 people have signed the petition.

“What’s the point in having a heritage centre if we’re going to knock down the town’s heritage?”

Cllr Terence James, who attended the school in 1953 and present at the meeting, added: “There’s a responsibility incumbent on councillors to protect the town’s heritage.

“The building was recently refurbished and is in better condition than many in the town.The idea to demolish it without a public consultation is criminal, incongruous and is not sympathetic with Conwy. ”

The group are currently awaiting a response from CADW for listing to protect the site as socially and culturally important, in accordance with buildings on the Bodlondeb estate.