The decision to refuse permission for 110 houses in Deganwy is back in the spotlight.

Conwy Council’s planning committee will be asked to reconsider its decision to reject the controversial Beech Developments plan in Marl Lane with further information due to be presented to councillors at tomorrow’s (Wednesday) meeting.

Officers will outline the fresh information after receiving further feedback from Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust, Welsh Water, the Highways Authority, the council’s building control department and road safety officer as well as members of the public.  

The health board said the development, along with other housing proposals for the area would bring an additional 3,000 patients which would require up to two additional GPs in a time of challenging recruitment and increasing levels of demand.

The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust objects to the proposed development, as it impacts the Grade I listed landscape, and sets a precedent for spoiling the setting of Bodysgallen Hall.

Welsh Water said the arrangements for draining foul water into a nearby public sewer are acceptable. The council’s building control department commented that the arrangements for dealing with surface water drainage met its approval. The Highways Authority had no objection to the proposals for the developer to fund road and pavement improvements. The council’s road safety officer commented there were no safety issues which would be detrimental.

Three further letters of objection had been received as well as three letters of support.  

Officers had originally recommended the application be approved, but this was rejected by the committee in September, because it would have a significant impact on the setting of Bodysgallen Hall and Deganwy Castle scheduled ancient monument. Also because of the loss of grade 3a agricultural land, and was contrary to Local Development Plan.

There had been a great deal of public opposition to the application by Beech Developments of Llandudno Junction, and a demonstration by objectors was held at the council’s Bodlondeb offices immediately prior to the application being heard. More than 1,300 objections were received before the previous meeting.

Ward councillor Sue Shotter said: “I hope the planning committee sticks to its guns. There is no reason for members to change their original decision.”

Fellow ward councillor Mike Priestley said: “I will be calling on the residents who have already objected to this application to attend the meeting and demonstrate outside the council offices before it to show the strength of their feeling. This is the final straw as far as local democracy is concerned.

“I am hoping planning committee members will stay with their decision to refuse the application which is backed by local policies and nearly 1400 objectors.”