Llandudno is a step closer to a new look beach with the newly completed Beach Management Plan (BMP) being passed through Conwy’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee last week.

The BMP was also presented to the Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) cabinet yesterday, and if passed by that group will enter the next phase of the project.

The 260-page document outlines various options for both the North and West Shore beaches to protect the area from flooding for the next one hundred years and enhancing the amenity value of both.

If the BMP is approved by the council cabinet it will begin the process to create state of the art flood defences combined with beaches of high tourist value in Llandudno.

The Conwy Council’s Environment, Roads and Facilities Officers will seek approval to approach Welsh Government for funding to commission the next stage of the work which is to develop an Outline Business Case for each option presented in the Beach Management Plan.

This will involve carrying out detailed analysis for each option from an economic, strategic, management, commercial, and financial point of view.

This phase of the work will hopefully lead to the physical modeling of a preferred option, and finally development.

At this stage of the work, all options for both beaches presented in the BMP are open for consideration, and any option selected for consideration will be subjected to full public consultation.

Llandudno Coastal Forum vice chairperson, Greg Robbins, said: “There is a range of options that have been generated out of previous consultation and we can but hope there is something that is satisfying for everyone.

“There is no magic wand to cure everything but we definitely want to try and procure some funding so we can make a difference.”

The public will have an opportunity to have their say during public consultation session being arranged for November, 2017.