A dog’s dislike for posties and paper deliverers has cost its owner over £1,800.

Magistrates in Llandudno heard that Cai, a Staffordshire terrier-cross, sank his teeth into the leg of Naomi Horobin as she pushed a newspaper through the door of his owner Michael Thornton.

The nine-year-old dog also a bit of “previous”, having attacked a postman in 2016, earning Thornton an official caution.

Thornton, aged 42, of Tanrallt Avenue, Mochdre, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dangerous dog which was out of control and caused injury to 25-year-old Ms Horobin on May 31.

He had originally denied being in charge of the dog.

Diane Williams, prosecuting, said that as Ms Horobin was putting a newspaper through the letterbox she felt an excruciating pain to the back of her left leg.

“The dog was clamped to the back of her leg  and she hit it with a newspaper,” said Mrs Williams.

The dog backed off but then moved forward again, so she hit it again so it ran into the house.

“She limped away in shock and extreme pain,” she said.

Ms Horobin attended Llandudno Hospital  where she had an injection and steristrips put on the wound which measured almost 10 centimetres across.

Nia Dawson, defending,  told the court that Thornton had left home at about 7.30 that morning, leaving his teenage son and daughter at home and they knew that Cai was not to be allowed out, but his son went out without closing the safety gate normally used to keep the dog in the kitchen.

“Like so many dogs the postmen or anyone delivering newspapers is not his friend,” she said. “He did not think for one moment that the dog would escape.”

Since the incident, said Mrs Dawson, the defendant had tightened security and removed the handle from inside the door to prevent the dog opening it.

Thornton was fined £600 and ordered to pay Ms Horobin £1,000 in compensation. He must also pay costs of £150 and a surcharge of £60.

The Bench also imposed a contingency destruction order  - a reprieve to be reconsidered if any further incidents occur - and ordered that Cai be muzzled at all times, even in the house, except when left alone in the kitchen.