Fans were turned away from Venue Cymru this monring as tickets for Gary Barlow’s solo tour sold out in under half an hour.

Residents in Llandudno lined up at Venue Cyrmru from as early as 5am waiting for tickets to go on sale at 10am.

Other waited by the phone or online for the tickets to go on sale hoping to secure their seat through either Ticketek, See Tickets or Amazon.

But hundreds were left disappointed as all the alocated tickets for the two Llandudno conserts were sold out before 10.30am.

The ticket sales were so popular, one reader took to Facebook saying she was 1933 in line for a ticket at 10am when the tickets opened for sale.

Following the sales this monring Venue Cymru’s marketing manager Richard Jones said he thanked all those for their support of the event and taking the time to try and secure themselves a spot at the now sold out show.

Mr Jones said: “We are very pleased to be able to welcome Gary Barlow to North Wales, the demand was huge and tickets flew out when they went on sale this morning.

“We appreciate that not everyone was successful but we hope all those lucky enough will have a fantastic time when Gary is with us in May.”

Tickets have now begun to appear elsewhere online, such as ebay with scalpers on selling tickets for more than £250 – with the original tickets solf for £38.50, £52.25 or £71.50.