A teddy bear company is in great spirits after joining forces with paranormal investigators to bust ghosts.

Mochdre’s Be My Bear have signed a contract with ghost hunting specialists Infraready, to bring something strange to the neighbourhood with custom bears made to help in the search for signs of spectral activity.

While ghostbusting is a first for the company, who are more accustomed to catering for birthdays and as children’s toys, the company have jumped on a teddy bear’s picnic with the paranormal with gusto.

Pippa Thomas, director of Be My Bear, said:“We have supplied teds to Hollyoaks, who were developing a storyline requiring spy camera bears, and bears to the X-Factor candidates who were set a challenge of making their own before, but now we’re really getting into the spirit of things with our ghostbusting bears.”

The bears have swapped out soft and cuddly fillings for LED circuits, fitted inside a pouch in the back of the bear, by the Leicestershire company who sell night vision camcorders, trigger devices and paranormal meters.

The spooktacular new range come in eight or 16 inch “PopPy” models and will aid ghost hunters and mediums at séances to detect phantoms, using red and light LEDs in the bear’s paws to distinguish between the positive and negative fields..

Andy Baily of Infraready explained “Techniques can be used to ask spirits to activate or deactivate the LEDs.The red LED indicates a negative field while the green indicates a positive field suggesting paranormal presence.”

“You may also find cold or hot spots in a room which may be indicative of something trying to make contact”.