Resident say tough new waste disposal charges coming into force will see an increase in flytipping and is another part of a ‘rapidly diminishing service’.

From next Wednesday householders in Conwy County Borough Council will be forced to pay for the disposal of some non-household waste.

The new charges, which are being introduced to cover the cost of handling and disposal, will be for items including rubble, soil, bricks, tiles, fence posts and door and window frames.

Disposal charges will range from £35 a trailer for items such as rubble and 21kg gas bottles (empty) to £3 per bag of certain items and per five pieces of plastic downpipe guttering and fascia boards.

Items such as window frames, toilets and baths will be charged as single items.

Cllr Don Milne Conwy’s cabinet member for environment, roads and facilities, said: “It has not been an easy decision to introduce these charges.

“The recycling centres are very popular with our residents. DIY and construction waste is expensive for the council to process and we are not legally obliged to deal with it.

“We are asking residents to help us keep the recycling centres sustainable by paying this small charge for the disposal of non-household waste, which most people only generate once in a while when renovating or remodeling their property.

Most of the waste that visitors bring to the recycling centres remains free of charge and we thank our residents for their commitment to recycling”.

But residents took to social media to voice their concerns over the proposals.

Sandra Hughes, from Old Colwyn, said: “This new charge are just an extra levy on people who cannot afford it.

“I already feel disadvantaged as the doorstep recycling boxes are way too small, and they refuse to take additional items alongside them.

“The council also refuse to collect any DIY rubbish from the house, so I have to use a private firm or rely on friends to do this for me.”

Lee Kennedy said: “Charges equal flytipping - that’s what is going to continue to happen but in greater numbers.

“This council is quick to find money for new buildings, demolitions or court cases, its quick to charge people to park on European funded proms and its quick to up council tax for no reason.

“Yet the population suffer cuts to a weekly bin service which looks like it hasn't saved any money whatsoever. Its a dereliction of duty.”

Cheryl Cook, who had similar views, said: “Disgraceful. How ridiculous. If we can't recycle or throw it in the bin, we have to pay to dispose of it.

“Conwy council have managed to build themselves a nice new office but yet again the taxpayers are paying through the nose for a rapidly diminishing service.”

Household waste will still be accepted free of charge, including garden waste, electrical goods, scrap metal, paint, light bulbs, bric-a-brac, pet waste, plastics, polystyrene, furniture, carpets and mattresses.

The decision to introduce the new charging scheme was agreed by Conwy’s Cabinet on December 13, 2016 as an alternative to closing sites or reducing opening hours.

For the list of charges for non-household waste, and for more information about the changes at the Household Recycling Centre visit the Council’s website at