THE secret to a long and happy marriage is to give and take and to discuss and do everything together, according to one happy couple who have celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Ron Atkins, 84, and his wife Delia, 78, marked their  Diamond anniversary last Thursday (October 26). 

The couple have lived in Abergele for 31 years. Ron and Delia met at a country fair in Hertfordshire on a Saturday evening in June. Delia was 18 and Ron was aged 24.

As soon as Ron laid eyes on Delia, he said to himself – “I’m going to marry her.”

Rhian Clarke, friend of the family, said: “Ron saw Delia who was with a couple of girlfriends. He asked Delia if she would like a cup of tea and she declined. He asked her if he could take her on a date and she said she had to ask her mother, who in turn had to ask her father.

“They went to the cinema but she had to be home by 8pm.   

“They met up at High Street station in Watford and Ron was thinking – ‘I hope I win her over’. Delia said when she saw Ron, she remembers him having a beautiful suit on. She said she fell in love with him there and then.”

Ron proposed within a week after meeting Delia. At first she declined, but a week later she accepted.

The couple, who have son Eddie, now 59, married in the October at St Matthews’s Church in Oxhey and Bushey.

Rhian added: “They have always been very very happy. They marked their anniversary with a private event. Over the years they have enjoyed lots of holidays abroad together, they both love watercolour painting – they have lovely examples in their home. 

“Delia enjoys embroidery and choir singing and until recently, Ron played golf.”

When relaying what their secret is to their happy marriage, the couple said it was all about give and take, having fun and being truthful and honest.