A Deganwy man has written a book which is being published to coincide with Remembrance Day, on the effect of the First World War on Conwy, Llandudno Junction and Deganwy.

Adrian Hughes, an amateur historian, has undertaken years of research to produce the 40 page illustrated book entitled The First World War in the Borough of Conwy. It is published by Conwy Town Council in time for Remembrance Day. Proceeds will go the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and Citizens Advice in Conwy.

The book uses contemporary letters and newspaper accounts to build a fascinating picture of how the area experienced the war.

Adrian recalls many tales of a century ago. From the River Conwy, the Admiralty requisitioned a yacht called the Llys Helig. As well as taking the yacht itself the Admiralty took her crew and captain, Jack Craven, who was one of the six sons of James Craven, a fisherman of Berry Street, Conwy. They all served during the First World War and survived.

The book also discusses local convalescence hospitals and the arrival of Belgian refugees, who were treated as heroes. Most were housed in properties in Deganwy.

Praising the author for compiling a fascinating panorama of events and memories detailing the impact of the war on local life and heritage, the Mayor of Conwy Bill Chapman, stated the book brings together a tremendous selection of pictures to illustrate the text.

He said: “The First World War claimed the lives of many local men, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Adrian Hughes has produced a memorial that keeps the events of a century ago alive. It shows how our heritage has influenced the present and will influence our future.”

Adrian Hughes added: “There are so many stories, letters home and memories and it has been a fascinating project. I am grateful to all who spoke to me and shared their knowledge and family histories.”

Adrian owns the Home Front Museum in Llandudno which records the social history of World War Two.

The First World War in the Borough of Conwy is available, priced £4, from the Guildhall in Rosehill Street, Conwy or by post (plus £2 postage and packing) or e-mail info@conwytowncouncil.gov.uk. Printing costs were paid for by an anonymous donor.