Conwy Council are set to give the final approval for the dismantling of Colwyn Bay’s pier.

A special meeting will be held on Friday with a decision to be made on planning permission and listed building consent received to dismantle Victoria Pier; record and store heritage elements for reuse in any future redevelopment; and to redevelop a ‘truncated pier’.

Councillors will be asked to support the implementation of the planning permission and listed building consent. 

If agreed, the Council will ask Cabinet to issue the contract for the dismantling work.

They will also be asked to agree that designs for the truncated pier be finalised; that any necessary approvals are sought and a tender for the redevelopment work be issued.

While also being asked to support the Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust as they develop proposals and funding applications for the future restoration and re-creation of a more substantial, self-sufficient pier. 

The pier is currently costing the council £106,000 per year in health and safety precautions.