A three-month closure order was granted by a court on Friday for a one-bedroom Llandudno flat allegedly used by “cuckooing” drugs’ gangs from Merseyside and London.

A 54-year-old woman tenant with a drugs problem had been “taken advantage” of by criminals, magistrates at Llandudno were told.

According to North Wales police, organised crime gangs from Merseyside and London used the housing association property in Parc Bodnant for drug dealing. Solicitor Gareth Preston, for the force, said the “vulnerable” tenant had been exploited and threatened that her home would be firebombed.

Mr Preston said the flat was near a school and rugby club and syringes have been found. The drug dealing activities had a “considerable effect” on the local community. “It’s a blight on the community,” the lawyer told the court. The order banned visitors to the flat.

In September, police during an “anti-cuckooing” visit, found a member of a London crime gang with 109 “wraps” of drugs in the property. He had been jailed for 30 months.

In April last year a brick had been hurled through a window. Mr Preston said on another occasion a knife had been held to the woman’s throat. Other activities involving the flat were outlined to the magistrates.

The tenant didn’t attend the court hearing. She didn’t oppose the application, the court heard.

Granting the police application, court chairman Darren Campbell said :”There’s clearly a problem there.”