AN ice cream kiosk has been broken into eight times, including twice in the past few weeks.

Loose change was stolen from Kiosk Ali on Eirias Road in Colwyn Bay during a break-in on November 11, while nothing was stolen during the incident on November 24 the business was left ransacked and the alarm system destroyed.

Owner Sabrina Ali said the intruders came in through the ceiling having removed roof tiles.

Mrs Ali said: “I have no idea why the kiosk is being targeted. We don’t have a large intake of cash, we don’t sell alcohol or tobacco, so really there is nothing worth stealing. I really wouldn’t like to think of any other reason.

“The police are aware of every incident and there are further investigations to be made.”

She also intends to contact Conwy Council to discuss the possible installation of CCTV cameras in the area, which would be beneficial for everyone.

Mrs Ali added: “It will make the park much safer in winter for walkers. It would also help save so much money, by reducing repair costs from damage caused from vandalism and break-ins.”

Despite three break ins this year, two in as many weeks and eight in total she said she is not going anywhere.

Mrs Ali added: “The kiosk will stay open, we won’t give in, we are stronger than before, the community have been very supportive and we appreciate all the kind words and wishes we have received.”

She has been a part of the area for 12 years, having run a jet ski kiosk on the promenade near Porth Eirias prior to her current one which she has had for five years.

The North Wales Police were contacted but had not provided comment by deadline.