Llandudno's former lifeboat, Andy Pearce, which left the resort recently after 27 years service, has been allocated to new duties as an RNLI relief fleet lifeboat.

She left a temporary berth in Conwy marina on Friday (December 1) to sail to Pwllheli, to stand in for that RNLI station's lifeboat, Lilly and Vincent Anthony, which it is away for refit.

A Llandudno crew, under the command of station mechanic Les Jones, who for many years has had responsibility for keeping the Andy in tip-top operational condition, sailed her to Pwllheli.

The crew took the lifeboat around the north coast of Anglesey before heading south towards Braich-y-Pwll, thence through Bardsey Sound and south of the St Tudwal's islands prior to arriving off Pwllheli.

Speaking later about this, his final trip in the much-loved veteran lifeboat, Les said: “It was rather sad to step off the old girl for the last time; her engines never missed a beat throughout the whole passage”.