A young Llandudno woman could be the next big thing in fashion designing.

At just 20 years of age Cerys Davies already has nearly 50,000 followers on her fashion and health based YouTube channel with over three and a half million viewers having watched her video blogs.

She has had artwork featured in the Mostyn Art Gallery in Llandudno and recently received the Dean's Award - for being in the top 10 per cent of students in the university - in her second year, where she studies fashion.

Ms Davies said fashion has always been a passion of hers designing outfits for her and sister as early as the age of five.

When she discovered it was a university subject, in her final year at school, she did everything possible to find her way into the course.

The former Ysgol John Bright student said: "For me, fashion is the perfect degree as it is something I have a genuine interest in.

I’ve always loved and have been interested in fashion. My mum even has a photo of my sister and I dressed up in outfits I made us of wrapping paper one Christmas (back in 2002 not recently).

"I always knew I wanted to do something creative but the options that are talked about the most around here are typical things like fine art and illustration. I was put off by those subjects but carried on doing work experience and paid work in creative environments so I always had my options open."

Her passion for fashion has blossomed over the past few years having developed a massive following on her YouTube channel, now up to over 47,200 followers and 3,567,483 views across more than 200 videos.

Ms Davies' videos incorporate everything from fashion tips, her latest clothing purchases and beauty pointers to her university experiences, morning routines and 'what I eat in a day'.

She said: "I’ve had my YouTube channel since 2013, creating videos that I enjoy and it’s grown throughout the years.

"In 2014 I began earning money from it so it doubled as a job and it’s great getting paid for doing something you love! I feel like my channel has definitely grown steady so there hasn’t been too much of a shock but I often see old videos have gone viral and that’s always cool."

Her YouTube succes has also resulted in a number of exciting opportunities including filming videos in the AwesomenessTV studios in London and one of her videos being promoted by Wilko.

All this fashion success she said would hopefully one day lead to her dream job.

Ms Davies said: "My dream would be to work my way up in a successful company and eventually take on roles such as head designer and creative director.

"Both are very different and very ambitious roles but I never want to limit myself. At some point I also want to work in companies that are sustainable, that’s one of my interests."

You can visit Ms Davies' YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/GalaxyOfFashion/featured?disable_polymer=1 or see her newly created blog by visiting www.cerysdavies.com.