Liverpool man Terence Ward was released from custody and took a train to North Wales – and got off at Llandudno by mistake.

But there he burgled a flat while the occupants slept and he also burgled a local public house.

The 26-year-old of no fixed abode but previously of Needham Road in Kensington, Liverpool, admitted two burglaries and received a 21 month prison sentence when he appeared at Mold Crown Court.

Judge David Hale said that Ward had been a continual crime wave during 2017 and it was time he changed his ways.

He should use his time in custody to take stock of his life, he said.

It was up to him, he said, but if he kept coming back to court then his sentences would get longer and longer.

Ward told the judge that while in custody he had been reading the Bible.

“Well listen to what it says,” the judge told him.

Prosecuting barrister Frances Willmott said that the defendant burgled the King’s Arms public house at Llandudno on the night of August 16 when the landlord was doing paper work in the flat upstairs.

He heard a noise, shouted down and when he checked the CCTV he saw the defendant searching the premises.

The same night the defendant burgled a flat in Bodafon Road in Llandudno, when he stole jewellery, money and other items while a couple slept.

He was found hiding in a nearby garden.

Defending barrister Matthew Curtis said that Ward, who previously burgled a Blackpool hotel, had remained crime free but returned to offending following the breakdown of a relationship.

He returned to using hard drugs combined with prescribed drugs for his mental health problems.

Mr Curtis said that fortunately there had been no confrontation in the burglaries and all the property had been recovered.

Judge Hale said that Ward committed “offence after offence” in 2017 as his life disintegrated and he relied more and more on drugs.

Everyone’s sense of security was in their home and it was a serious matter when that was broken, he warned.