A Rhos-on-Sea street pavement has been left as a "dangerous hazard" for more than two years.

Residents who live on Bryn Teg Drive, in Rhos-on-Sea, have been left "really upset" at the state of the pavement which is covered over by a large orange safety barrier, which is just lying on the ground.

One resident has come forward and said: "Not only is it unsightly and a dangerous hazard, especially at night as there are no warning signs, but it is an obstruction completely blocking the pavement.

"During the past year various residents have been in contact with some of our local councillors and our local MP about the situation but to no avail.

"We residents want to know whose responsibility it is to rectify it and if it is the responsibility of the council to do so why has it not yet been repaired after such a long time?"

A Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) spokesperson said they would fix the pavement, but had to wait until the resident had repaired the retaining wall next it.