A LLANDUDNO family is searching for one of two good samaritans who helped their eight year-old son after having a seizure.

Two ladies and a shop assistant came to the rescue after eight year-old Ioan Owen suffered a seizure in the Llandudno ASDA cafe while out getting lunch with his father, Wayne, and brother Osian (10) on New Years Eve.

One of the ladies, who are allegedly nurses, has already come forward while the family is still in search of the second one.

Mother Judith Owen said she was overwhelmed with the support she and her family had received and without these people coming forward she dreaded to think what might have happened.

Mrs Owen said: "From what we witnessed as a family on Sunday that just proves that there is still a lot of very kind, generous, amazing and helpful people in the country and thank you.

"We can not thank them enough for the help and support that they gave us that day and the fact that they took time out of there probably busy day to help our baby boy.

"Whenever I think of the kindness shown that day, not only from the two lovely nurses but also the amazing staff in Asda Llandudno I get very emotional if they hadn’t of been there to help I don’t know what would of happened."

She was out walking the dog at the time of the incident but rushed straight to the scene when she heard what had happened.

Mrs Owen said: "When I got there Ioan was on the floor and two lovely ladies were looking after him while my husband was calming our other son Osian.

"My husband told me that they were in the queue waiting to pay when Ioan said his head was hurting then fell to the floor and had a seizure. Luckily the two ladies rushed to his assistance and helped Ioan while Wayne tried to distract Osian."

From there ASDA first aider, Lewis, brought Ioan a wheelchair and took him off to a quiet room with pillows and blankets to wait for an ambulance.

Store manager at Asda Llandudno, Adele Quinn said: “We’re all incredibly proud of Lewis and grateful for his quick thinking. He did an amazing job in supporting loan and his family."

After waiting more than two hours for an ambulance at ASDA the Owen family made the decision to take Ioan to Glan Clwyd Hospital themselves.

They waited in there for a number if hours before being seen by a doctor and sent home for rest.

This was the second seizure the eight year-old had suffered in the past year, and the family is now waiting to hear what the next step is forward.

But Mrs Owen said her youngest son was doing well, still tired and suffering from constant headaches but he was on the mend.