An Assembly Member has labelled the operations of a North Wales Health Board as "chaotic" following an inquest last Friday.

The inquest, held in Ruthin, examined the circumstances surrounding the death of Aberconwy AM', Janet Finch-Saunders' 91 year-old father Jack Finch.

The inquest heard the cause of Mr Finch's death was heart failure following an operation on a septic knee and coroner John Gittins said his treatment had been "exemplary".

Mrs Finch-Saunders said she was pleased her and her family were able to contribute towards the process but believed there were still a number of issues with the NHS and Betsi Cadwaladr.

She said: "Through a lot of the questions raised, it became apparent to us that there are clearly pressures on our NHS, some that I couldn’t imagine were there.

“There have been cutbacks by the Welsh Government and Betsi has been in special measures for two and a half years.

“What is important here is that patients are getting caught up in what is a chaotic environment – and the evening that Dad died, it was chaos – very traumatic.

“I am glad that we were able to highlight some of these issues, and await the report of the Coroner. I hope lessons are learned by the board and I hope the message does get down to the Welsh government. Families should not be left months later asking the number of questions we are still asking.”

Mrs Finch-Saunders told the inquest she believed her father had received different care because of his age but Mr Grittns still said he received exemplary care but agreed lines of communication between professionals and families could sometimes be woefully lacking.