VISITORS and residents will soon have to pay up to park along Colwyn Bay’s seafront.

Pay and Display ticket machines have been installed along the town’s promenade this week signalling the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone.

The zone, which stretches between the Pier and Rotary Way, will see charges coming into effect on completion of the work later in the month.

Councillors who fought against the introduction of charging have been left angered at the decision while commuters and residents have expressed their outrage at the new pay to park plan.

Cllr Abdul Khan, who represents Glyn Ward on Conwy County Borough Council, said: “Why are they doing this, it is going to deter people from visiting Colwyn Bay.”

Charges will apply between 10am and 4pm and range from 50p for an hour, £1 for two hours, four hours for £2.50 and £3.50 for four hours or more.

Cllr Khan warned charging would increase congestion in other parts of Colwyn Bay and the town centre.

He added: “It is not fair on people. There are many that use the promenade regularly for exercise or walking their dog.

“It means these people are going to have to find another place to park.”

The installation of new pay and display ticket machines along Colwyn Bay promenade has caused outrage amongst motorists.

Conwy County Borough Council’s (CCBC) decision to charge those parking along the town’s seafront has sparked fury among its users.

On social media many said they would no longer use the promenade to park and the new charges would deter them from visiting the beach.

In response to the Pioneer asking on social media if people would continue to park on the promenade - Peg and Norm Hughes posted: “ No. They (the county council) spend all our money doing it up to encourage trippers then bam, they charge you to be there."

Viv Garrod wrote: “After doing it up all nice and last year the beach was packed all summer, I don’t think it will be again.”

Lynn Shirley wrote: “I certainly will not pay to park. I will park elsewhere,”

while Carol Edwards said: “They tried charging before and nobody parked, what do they expect to happen this time.”

Work begun on the installation of the machines on Monday between the Pier and Rotary Way, with charges coming into effect on completion of the work later this month.

A statement issued by CCBC on Tuesday said: “The introduction of charges on this section of the promenade represents the first step in ensuring a fair

and equitable approach to parking charges across the County Borough.

“This follows consideration by the council’s democratic scrutiny process, a decision by the council’s cabinet on the principle of charging in June 2016 and a public consultation on the legal order for the introduction of charges, which was advertised in March 2017.”

Conwy County Borough Councillor Brian Cossey said the move was not in the general interests of the town.

He said: “It is a ridiculous idea charging people at this particular point in time, when we are trying to make things better for Colwyn Bay.

“This is going to put people off coming here. If you are going to do it, do the whole process and introduce it to every promenade, not just pick on this particular area.”

Cllr Abdul Khan said officers could have considered other options including allowing free parking for the first two hours.

Mr Khan added: “They (CCBC) don’t practice what they preach. You’re not allowed to charge people for parking when it’s a private company but when it comes to us, it’s alright to do it.”