Llandudno shoppers angered by incorrect parking fines


Annie Roberts

SHOPPERS are calling for parking in Llandudno to be addressed after several drivers received parking charges – despite keeping to the rules.

Maureen Pardoe and Will Ward were issued parking charges after visiting the retail car parks.

Mostyn Champneys and Parc Llandudno are run by private parking company, ParkingEye, which uses camera recognition to monitor cars going in and out of the car park.

Mrs Pardoe, aged 59 from Chester, received an £85 charge saying she had overstayed her designated time – 10 days after visiting Parc Llandudno.

Maureen said: “I was absolutely aghast when I received the parking charge at first because I knew I had parked there legitimately. I had come to visit a friend and when we decided we wanted to stay longer than the two free hours. I paid for a ticket and luckily I’d kept it in my purse.”

Maureen paid £4 at 12.44pm and received a ticket stating she had until 4.44pm in the car park but ParkingEye rejected her appeal as £4 only entitled her to two extra hours and not four hours as her ticket had stated.

Mrs Pardoe later went to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) who accepted her appeal.

She added: “I would go as far as to say I would never park there again. I think ParkingEye need to fully invest time and money into the machines and cameras in the car park.”

A ParkingEye spokesperson said: “Ms Pardoe received a parking charge because she stayed in the car park for longer than the amount of time she paid for. However, due to mitigating circumstances we withdrew our opposition to her POPLA appeal and cancelled the charge.”

Mr Ward, aged 45 from Llandudno, was also sent a parking charge from ParkingEye after visiting the stores in Mostyn Champneys.

His appeal was accepted after he sent receipts to prove he had been in Liverpool and not on the retail car park all day as the notice stated.

Mr Ward said: “If you have not broken ParkingEye’s rules don’t pay and fight it! Clearly there is an issue or fault with the monitoring process.

“It cost me a great deal of stress and it was time consuming plus all the inconvenience. It was a nightmare.”

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