AN art exhibition featuring Wynne Jenkins, Barbara Winrow, Lynne Cartlidge RCA and sculpture by Llŷr Erddyn Davies takes place at at Ffin y Parc Gallery, Llanrwst, from June 23 to July 17.

For his third show at the award-winning Ffin y Parc Gallery, highly regarded painter Wynne Jenkins has produced a collection of unmistakably Welsh landscapes. Born in 1935 in Llangennech, the University of Wales graduate now divides his time between Swansea and Aberdyfi.

“Painting affords the opportunity to transform well-known and much-loved scenes into an art form,” said Wynne.

“In this way one becomes aware of the timelessness of our seas and mountains.”

He added: “The challenge is, by using a palette knife rather than a brush, to express with precision the emotional response to nature.”

Gallery owner Ralph Sanders said: “His subjects are unmistakably Welsh, anchored with recognisable details. His bold and broad palette gives his work great vivacity and verve.

“We are delighted to show the new collection of work.”

Also exhibiting and for the first time are artists Barbara Winrow from Llanberis and New Zealand born Lynne Cartlidge. Using acrylic paints and very small brushes, most of Barbara’s canvases take three to four months to complete. The artist, who returned to painting five years ago after producing pottery for over 45 years, explained: “When I paint I picture past times when long summers were punctuated by country walks, bike rides and countless picnics, it’s a strong and magical memory.”

Still-life artist Lynne Cartlidge, was born in 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand and grew up in Cornwall where she studied art at Falmouth and Cardiff. Regarding Lynne’s current collection Ralph added: “Lynne is very skilful in the way she can create relationships and evoke feelings by using ordinary, familiar objects.

“We are delighted to exhibit Lynne’s first collection of work, alongside Barbara’s first collection and also for the first time a collection of bronze sculptures entitled ‘Units of Measure’ by Caernarfon-based Llŷr Erddyn Davies.”

The body of work at Ffin y Parc is part of a project which includes a public commission installed outside the Galeri in Caernarfon.

“Each figure starts as a wax model, small characters reflecting everyday situations,” explained Llŷr Erddyn Davies. “Later, casting in bronze confers status and literally adds weight.”