A PLAN to name a flyover crossing the A55 after the scene of one of Wales’ worst multiple murders has been ditched.

The suggestion that the flyover be called Red Gables Viaduct drew censure from Penmaenmawr Town Council who believed it was insensitive and would cause embarrassment.

Conwy County Borough’s licensing committee considered the proposal on Monday.

The road it carries passes close to the site of the former Red Gables Hotel, which was the scene of four murders and a suicide in 1976. The hotel’s gardener, Neil Rutherford, shot and killed four people in the building before setting it alight and shooting himself.

Rutherford, aged 54, was a former submarine commander who had served in the Second World War and the Korean War.

His victims included the hotel’s owner Linda Simcox, 59, her daughter Lorna McIntyre, 24, Lorna’s husband Alistair, 33, and family friend John Green, 55, who came from Texas.

Town clerk Mel ab Owain said: “The council believed calling the flyover after the murder site would have been completely inappropriate. We wanted to call it Ffordd Darbishire after a prominent 19th century resident.t and quarry owner “Thank goodness common sense prevailed and the committee heeded advice from the local historical society and us. We had spent a long time researching names and identified a number which would celebrate the town’s heritage. We were appalled at the idea of celebrating a mass murder and that would have been very embarrassing for the town.”

Cllr Ken Stevens, who represents Penmaenmawr on Conwy council wrote to the committee stating: “The road is already known as the Red Gables Viaduct, and has been known as such since it was built 30 years ago.

“Penmaenmawr does not have a history of naming its roads after families or dynasties. I propose the road keeps the name it is already known by, and has been known by for many years now, the Red Gables Viaduct.”