A new Rotary club will be launched in Llandudno tomorrow night.

As the existing club enters its 91st year it will be joined by the new Llandudno Gogarth Rotary Club.

The new group is an initiative of the existing club and is aiming to follow a world wide trend of re-inventing the Rotary name by attracting younger residents between the ages of 20 and 40.

Llandudno Rotary Club member, and promoter of the Gogarth Club Chris Drew said: "Rotary have 100 years of tradition, but it can be a bit formal and off putting for younger generations.

"Looking at the new Rotary club they won't necessarily meet for a meal, ring the bell to start a meeting, say grace or toast the Queen - that doesn't mean anything to the younger people.

"We want to break away from that."

Activities carried out by Rotary clubs are decided by their members and Mr Drew said it gives participants the chance to volunteer for areas they felt strongly about.

Examples of the current clubs work include collecting for local charities at events, providing defibrillators for local sites and sponsoring national youth competitions.

It also provides a friendly, social environment which allows residents to make new friends.

Current Llandudno Rotary Club President, John New, said: " I joined Rotary in my early 30’s and have enjoyed every minute of it. This new Club brings a wonderful opportunity to anyone wanting to put something back into society, make new friends and have a great time.”

The launch will take place at the Queen Victoria Pub in Llandudno tomorrow night from 7pm.

Attendees can stake their claims as a founding member of the group of simply come out of curiosity to see what's involved.

More information can be found at www.llandudnogogarthrotary.org or on either Facebook or Twitter at @GogarthRotary.