A teenage girl was raped by a stranger in his car after she got separated from her friends during Halloween celebrations, it was alleged.

The complainant, who had her face painted, got into a vehicle, mistakenly believing it was a taxi, a jury at Mold Crown Court was told.

But the prosecution allege that defendant Jie Xiang Guan, a chef, raped her in the back of his vehicle.

Guan, 29, of Heol Dirion, Colwyn Bay, who follows the proceedings with the aid of a Chinese interpreter, admits sexual assault but denies rape.

Prosecuting barrister Elen Owen said that the complainant had been celebrating Halloween at a Llandudno nightclub in October of last year but she had some to drink, was sick, had to leave and she became separated from her friends at about 2am.

She saw another friend and asked to share a taxi home with him but she was ill during the journey and they were thrown out in the Craigside area of Llandudno.

The friend left her, although she was under the impression he had got into another taxi with her.

She made the fateful mistake of getting into an eight seater Hyundai car which pulled up next to her thinking it would take her safely home, said Miss Owen.

But it was not a taxi and it was alleged that the defendant turned off the prom in Rhos on Sea and went onto an embankment.

There he got into the back of the car with her where Miss Owen alleged that he pushed her off the seat onto the floor.

The complainant, then 19 but now aged 20, told how he was on top of her with his knees either side, he shut the door and pulled so hard at her jeans that the button was ripped off and the zip was broken.

It was alleged that he pulled down her trousers and knickers, and pulled her top and bra up, damaging the bra.

She alleged that at that stage he used one hand to hold her by the neck and the other to squeeze her breasts before raping her.

Miss Owen said that the complainant was crying and screaming – and alleged that he was telling her to shut up.

“He then put his hand over her mouth to stop her screams and punched her to the face.

“She tried kicking him and punching him back but stopped because every time she did this he would punch her harder,” said Miss Owen.

He then stopped, got off her and opened the door – and pushed her out, it was alleged.

She fell onto the grass and rolled down some of the embankment and he bag was left in the vehicle.

The prosecutor said that she ran to the nearest house which had a light on, she was given assistance, her mother was contacted and the police alerted.

Miss Owen said that on November 4 a police officer visited the defendant on an unrelated matter and that sharp eyed officer noticed the description of the defendant and the vehicle and became suspicious.

He reported it to his colleagues who were investigating the rape case.

Arrested at the Yeung Sing Restaurant in Penrhyn Bay on November 8, he said that he had been to the same nightclub and had noticed her there.

Later he had seen her by herself, helped her and lifted her into the car, but said that was the only physical touching of her. He denied any other physical contact.

Forensic analyses showed that his DNA was on both breasts, her bra and the jeans where the button had been ripped off.

In a second interview when the forensic evidence was put to him he made no comment,.

But in his defence case statement, he said he misjudged the situation and tried to kiss her.

He thought she might be willing to engage in sexual activity with him in the car and touched her breasts and genital area.

The defendant accepted that he may have caused the damage to the jeans and while he denied rape, he had admitted a separate charge of sexual assault.

Miss Owen said that the complainant’s bag was found under a seat in his vehicle.

The trial before Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones continues.