Seibiant Coffi have dethroned Vinomondo as the Pioneer’s Best Business in Conwy.

Having only opened the store 16 months ago store owner Sian Williams said it was exciting to be awarded the honour and the gong cemented their spot as a successful business in Conwy.

Ms Williams said: “When we first set up other business owners were wary because they thought Conwy doesn’t need another coffee shop. But we are a specialist tea and coffee supplier, we never wanted to be a cafe.

“Since the business started it has just grown and grown. Since May last year business has just exploded, we just continue to get bigger and better.”

Seibiant supply one of the widest variety of tea and coffee in Wales and have a big following locally and online, receiving orders from across the country.

Ms Williams said people come for holidays in Conwy, walk past the store and come in to the store to try what is on offer.

They buy a product while there and if they like it that much, because Seibiant have a successful online presence these visitors can purchase more through the website.

Visitors to the shop can also try before they buy, with all teas and coffees available to sample to make sure it is the one for you.

Ms Williams said: “We do tasting of anything, and can brew it in a cafetiere, for example, so customers can try it as you would have it at home.

“The whole idea is to show people they can have the same coffee at home as you do when you are out.”

She said the good thing about tea and coffee was it was an all year round market which meant when some business go quiet over the winter months they continue to get visitors to their store and website.

Ms Williams said a big thank you to everyone that voted for Seibiant for best business in Conwy award.