Catholics are set to turn boycott what could be the final ever mass at a 100 year-old Conwy Church.

Wrexham Diocese Catholic Bishop, Peter Brignall, will visit Conwy's St Michael's and All Angels Church next Wednesday to hold what he is calling a "celebration mass" before he declares it closed on February 11.

However, Bishop Brignall could be holding the service in front of an empty church as parishioners are set to turn their backs on the mass.

Parishioner John Lewis said: " This is not a celebration, this is a disaster for the Catholic church and the town. To close down a vibrant church with an enthusiastic community is nothing short of perverse.

"How can we 'celebrate', as the Bishop calls it, when his actions mean we will lose all that we hold near and dear?

"St Michael's is held in high regard in the town and its closure will be a massive loss, not only to local Catholics but also to the town itself and the many worldwide visitors we accommodate during the summer season."

Parishioners have vowed to fight the closure proposals and an appeal is currently sitting with the Bishop.

Mr Lewis said parishioners hope he will see the logic of their alternative proposals for keeping St Michael's open but, if not, they will take their appeal to the Vatican if necessary.

The Congregation of the Clergy will be the first step but if rejected at that stage a further appeal can be made to the Apostolic Signatura - the Vatican equivalent of the High Court.

Parishioners are set to hold a coffee morning, this Saturday, at St Michael's Hall to start fund raising if an appeal to the Vatican is required.

Mr Lewis said: "We have enjoyed great support from the town and we invite everyone who cares for our church to join us for coffee and cakes and a prize draw."